Spectrum Therapy

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Being referred

There are two ways of being referred to Spectrum. You may have a referral to a specific therapist in which case you can contact them directly through the website or leave a message for them through the Spectrum office saying that you have been referred and leaving contact details and the therapist will get back to you personally.

Being referred to Spectrum

If you have been referred to Spectrum without the name of a specific therapist, you can contact the office by email, letter, phone or in person, telling us that you have been referred and giving us your contact details.  Someone from our referral team will then contact you within three working days. We will explain our referral system to you and talk with you about what you are looking for and who we think the right person may be for you to see.  Please do let us know if you do not hear from us within three working days of contacting us.  Thank you.

Choosing a therapist

It is in the interests of the therapist and the client that there feels to be a basis for working together and this will usually become apparent in the first meeting. We recognise that not every therapist is right for every client. If the therapist to whom you have been referred does not feel right for you, we are happy to talk with you again and make another recommendation.

Finding the right therapist is not always a simple process. It is useful to think of the first meeting as a chance for you and the therapist to explore the issues you want to deal with and whether working together feels right. It may be that both you and the therapist will need time to reflect before making a commitment.  Occasionally, a second session may be necessary to make a decision. 

Accredited practitioners

All of the psychotherapists and health practitioners who work at Spectrum are fully accredited, registered and insured, and abide by Spectrum's professional code of conduct and ethics, and codes of professional conduct set by their professional registering body. It is also a requirement that they particpate in regular supervsion and are members of Spectrum's continued professional development programme.


Being referred