Spectrum Therapy

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Supervision group with Judy Hargreaves

This is a professional supervision group for people who work as counsellors, therapists, teachers, carers or group leaders with children and families.

I see supervision as a significant way of affirming our skills and encouraging us to continue our growth as professionals.

We focus on the issues arising out of our work with children including our communication with parents and co-workers; dealing with conflict and anger; understanding children's communication styles; making an appropriate match between children's development and behavioural expectations.

There is an opportunity to share and try out a range of skills to enhance each individual's styles of working.

Participants commit themselves to the group for one term.  Individual and paired supervision is also available.  

Meetings are on Thursdays from 10am-12noon.

Dates for 2019

For information, dates and fees, please contact Judy on 020 8749 1964.