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Supervision Tutorial

The new supervision tutorial group offers supervision as the basis for further study and training.  General supervision has a learning outcome that is secondary to the management of the client.  The group will emphasise the learning process itself, and support the development of the therapist in how they are forming themselves, and how they are translating what they have learned in training into  actual practice.

The group will provide an arena in which developing therapists who are currently practising can gain greater clarity and definition about their work, expand their knowledge and increase their effectiveness.  As this is a tutorial offering a wider perspective than client supervision it should be viewed as an additional learning arena and does not take the place of regular on-going supervision.

The format of the group will be discussion and experiential exploration arising from work presented and questions brought to the group.  The group is open to people who are in professional development  at Spectrum and are practising as counsellors or psychotherapists.

There are two groups each with eight places. There is a minimum commitment of three terms if you wish to join.  

The course leader is Terry Cooper.

If you are interested in joining the group please register your interest with Jo in the Spectrum office.

Supervision Tutorial