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Couples Training - Terry Cooper and Jenner Roth

We are happy to announce dates for the Working with Couples Training beginning this autumn.

Relationships, whether it be our relationship to our self or a relationship with another, reflect where we are in our own personal evolution and offer us possibilities to grow.  Learning through relationships is how we learn to have relationships.

Our passion for working with couples comes out of the successes and challenges of our own intimate relationship and four decades of working with couples privately and in on-going and residential groups.  We look forward to sharing our experience with you, hearing yours and together forming more clarity, resources and skills in managing relationships.

Working with couples is a professional development programme for therapists and counsellors who are experienced at working with individuals and may currently be seeing couples or making the transition to working with couples in their practice.  If you have not trained at Spectrum we would like to meet with you to discuss our approach to therapy and to be sure the course is appropriate for you.

The course will begin in the autumn of this year and will be spread over 2018, there will be fifteen days in all and we will meet from 9.30am to 4pm daily.  The cost of the course will be £1,980 and spread over the year.

The course leaders are Terry Cooper and Jenner Roth.  If you are interested in the couples training please register your interest with Jo in the Spectrum office.  

Dates 2017/2018

Saturday-Sunday, November 11-12 and Thursday-Friday, December 7-8, 2017.

Thursday-Friday, January 18-19, Thursday- Friday, February 15-16, Thursday, March 22, Thursday-Friday, May 3-4, Thursday-Friday, June 28-29 and Thursday-Friday, September 13-14, 2018

Download a PDF on the Couples Work