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Post-Graduate Course in Psychotherapy Continued Education Programme

The post-graduate continued education programme is the backbone of the on-going professional development work at Spectrum. It follows on from the one year post-graduate course and offers continued professional education of the highest standard. Consistent with our policy of teaching in heterogeneous groups, this course is open to those who want to pursue their professional development. Accredited therapists from other training centres who have participated in workshops at Spectrum and are interested in Spectrum’s work may apply to join the continued education programme.

This six day programme is organised over three terms each year: two two-day workshops and one three day workshop. The two-day workshops, which we call home workshops, are in the spring and autumn and the two-day workshop is in the winter. There are currently twenty home workshops led by core staff which prepare participants for the winter workshop, allow them to continue processing the workshop afterward, introduce other topics over the year and work with clinical dilemmas.  Each home workshop group has two consistent leaders of their own.

The winter workshop is an exciting meeting and networking of the post-graduate continued education programme. Each winter workshop is led either by the Spectrum core staff or visiting reputable and internationally recognised therapists from a variety of backgrounds and experience.

The postgraduate continuation leaders are Terry Cooper, Jane Gotto, Maggie McKenzie, Oriel Methuen, Anna Patterson and Jenner Roth.  The programme is managed by Terry Cooper and Jenner Roth

To participate in the post-graduate continued education programme, you must have completed the post-graduate course in psychotherapy. 

Download a PDF about the post-graduate course in psychotherapy continued education programme