Spectrum Therapy

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Vision & values

The foundation of our work is in humanistic, existential and formative psychology. Our approach views the individual as a whole person and emphasises working directly with the individual’s experience as a basis for self-knowing. It recognises the capacity of individuals to heal themselves and give shape and value to their lives.

Humanistic psychotherapy

It is part of our humanistic belief that therapy is a humanising process for both the client and the therapist, and that the receptivity, emotional responsiveness and level of personal skill of the therapist is as relevant to the therapeutic relationship as their theoretical frame of reference or the techniques they employ. The techniques, important as they are, remain secondary to good contact and communication.

Spectrum's approach

Spectrum’s approach is integrative, which has two specific meanings for us. Firstly, we emphasise the integration of people's therapeutic experience into their everyday lives. Secondly, we draw on a wide range of techniques and diagnostic models in both traditional and modern psychotherapeutic disciplines to offer each client a way of working that is most appropriate for them. Our work is continually evolving, as is our understanding of people. Working integratively allows us to be open to people’s needs and to be able to respond to those needs in a variety of ways.

Our work is concerned with the development of human potential, not in an idealised form but in the development of each individual’s potential to become what they may become. This is the strength of Spectrum and the foundation stone of its personal and professional development programmes.

Through formative psychology we seek to understand human experience from an anatomical perspective. We are concerned with the embodiment of experience and how body shapes generate psychological experience. The view that the body is the basis of experience is supported by a practical methodology that teaches people how to influence their own behaviour and the way they function.

Vision & values