Spectrum Therapy

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Our history

As far as we know, Spectrum is the largest and most established practice in the world committed specifically to the development of humanistic psychology. As well as being a model for many organisations and centres, Spectrum has influenced the work of thousands of professionals in the field of health, counselling and psychotherapy.

Visions & values

We founded Spectrum in 1976 as a psychotherapy community out of our desire to work together and not be isolated as professionals. The reason Spectrum is still here today is because we still value working as a team and believe that people who work together are stronger, more effective and more resourceful. A community is more than a social organisation, it is a statement that people matter and work best together for the benefit of the individual and the group as a whole and that both conserve the interests and the growth of the other.

Spectrum’s vision was, and continues to be, to create a centre that is a safe yet challenging place for people to come and work on the issues and problems that are most important in their lives. We believed then that Spectrum should provide a friendly, healthy and supportive environment with high standards of ethics and professionalism for both clients and therapists.


In 1985 we formalised the Spectrum training programme. Spectrum is unusual in being both a psychotherapy practice and a training centre: the training growing out of the clinical practice. We have blended these two areas of work to create a unique opportunity for people to grow personally and professionally.

Core staff

In 1989 we formed a core staff team which functions as the nucleus of Spectrum. Policy decisions regarding the psychotherapy practice and the professional development programme are made by consensus within the core staff team. The core staff team is presently made up of Terry Cooper and Jenner Roth (the founder directors), Maggie McKenzie (director), Paul Allsop, Gill Doust, Judy Hargreaves, Oriel Methuen.

Our history