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Humanistic psychotherapy

Humanistic psychology

Humanistic psychology offers a holistic view of human existence. At its core, is a belief in people’s ability to develop their potential and to take charge of forming their own life.

Humanistic psychotherapy

Humanistic psychotherapy is the therapeutic model based on humanistic psychology. It is client-centred and recognises the relationship between therapist and client as significant in creating conditions for growth. It is inclusive of all aspects of human experience and works directly with the individual’s experience as a reference point for setting a therapeutic agenda, for growing a stronger sense of self and learning ways of actively participating in our own developmental and formative process. Two important elements of humanistic psychotherapy are personal responsibility and its connection to self–empowerment, and working in the here and now.

Working with the individual’s actual present-tense experience allows for exploration of how the past and possibilities for the future exist within the physical and emotional structures of how a person is present, how this shapes their relationships and how they are in the world.

Humanistic psychotherapy brings to the therapy room a variety of models for managing change including transformational and transcendent approaches for problem solving and overcoming psychological obstacles in pursuing new possibilities and a more fulfilling life.

Humanistic psychotherapy