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Change is possible

Spectrum, established in 1976, is a London-based centre for psychotherapy providing space for personal enquiry in which people learn to manage all aspects of their lives, develop self-knowledge, resilience, the capacity and skills to influence their own experience and solve problems.

Individual Therapy

One of the most common statements people make about their time in individual therapy is how important it is to have somebody there for them over time and on a regular basis. This is an important experience to have and in itself can have a positive influence on our self-esteem and confidence

Couples Therapy

Relationships are always in a state of flux and the process requires new behaviours in response to change taking place. Our goal is to help couples form a basis for relating through cooperation, caring behaviours, understanding, respect, tolerance, resilience, thoughtfulness and a willingness to communicate truthfully.

Family Therapy

Spectrum’s family work involves working with the whole or parts of the current family or the family of origin, as well as parental coaching and dialogue. It provides a safe forum for family members to have their experience of living in the family heard and witnessed.

Group Therapy

Groups offer participants an opportunity to come out of isolation with their issues and to share and compare their experience with others.


Spectrum is now open for face-to-face therapy and we have taken measures to make our building safe after Coronavirus lockdown.  We are also offering phone, Skype and Zoom sessions, so if you would like to contact a therapist, please contact us through the website or leave a message on our answerphone.


Paul Allsop
1938 to April 5, 2020


It is with deep, deep, sadness and a very heavy heart that we announce the death of our beloved friend and colleague Paul Allsop.  Paul was a loyal, caring, loving, life affirming friend, colleague and Spectrum staff member for over thirty-five years. He will be forever remembered and  present in our hearts.                                                  


Please view our updated policy Ethical Values https://www.spectrumtherapy.co.uk/index.php/about/about_spectrum                  .                                                                                   

Personal development

Our personal development programme offers psychotherapy and skills development for individuals, couples, families, children and young adults, as well as an extensive programme of workshops, on-going groups and residential courses.

Within our staff, we have therapists who specialise in men’s work, women’s work, sexual development, anger management, communication skills, parental coaching, dream work and formative psychology.

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Professional development

Spectrum’s therapeutic approach is grounded in humanistic, existential and formative psychology. Our professional development programme offers short and long term training courses, a broad range of professional workshops, supervision, continued professional development and practice development support on many levels.

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